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I hope you enjoy the below periodically changing reflections. 
No matter where you are on your journey, 
they are meant to inspire and to ease your path.

“We must embrace difficulty and change if we are to create a fulfilling life for ourselves. If a boat is not rocking, it’s not going anywhere.”      --- Yehuda Berg
It can be difficult dealing with the world, which stymies us with constant, unpredictable obstacles. It can be difficult dealing with inner worlds, too. Our brains, bodies, thoughts, and feelings swirl in a constant flux of neurophysiological and psychological reaction and regulation. Of course, we’ve outgrown many challenges. If we went back in time with our current abilities intact, how simple it would be to ride that bike, bake that cake, or hit that home run! Yet these and similar activities weren’t always easy.
Other difficulties remain challenging forever, such as battling an illness or balancing inner truth with outer circumstance. We must learn the crucial difference between facing difficulties in order to resolve them, and [creating] difficulties out of compulsion such as seeking conflict in a relationship. Sex and love addicts seek out complications for a thrill. They know that life’s normal satisfactions never last long enough, but the rush of unnecessary friction? There’s nothing more effective to resurrect the ego and distract from reality.
So how do we face difficulty with grace? It helps [to share difficulties] with another. Knowing we share problems may not make them any easier, but it makes them bearable. Through sharing our difficulty, we learn to listen and receive – which is what life and love is all about. Through the delicate act of intimacy, we can bear our most indelicate burdens. To heal yourself from perpetual feelings of hopelessness and persecution, let your difficulties be the guiding light to the inner growth you seek. They bring the opportunity to practice acceptance and loving-kindness, to affirm connection and courage, to summon endurance and true purpose. These precious virtues manifest only through effort. All that we know, express, and become springs from great difficulty. Through difficulty, we never stop evolving to greater levels of being.
~ Alexandra Katehakis & Tom Bliss   
Mirror of Intimacy - Daily Reflections
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