Anne S. Mayfield,  - Atlanta Therapy Associates, LLC
About Anne S. Mayfield, LPC, CSAT, RRT-P
Counseling is, for me, about witnessing someone else's personal story and providing a safe place to experience the whole range of emotions. I provide a nurturing, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment in which to explore your issues, offering psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Rapid Trauma Resolution (RTR), IMAGO, and Holotropic Breathwork. I specialize in sex, love, and relationship addiction and in the healing of trauma and anxiety, serving adults, adolescents, and couples as well as the LGBT community. Together we will develop new strategies to help you deal with life's challenges so that you are better able to experience life's joys. Please contact me if you would like to schedule an appointment or an assessment.
Phone #: 404-664-7223
2470 Windy Hill Road
Suite 257
Atlanta, Georgia 30067
Sliding scale fees are available.                                                                                                          
Evening hours are available.

As a therapist in Atlanta and Marietta, I specialize in sex, love, and relationship addiction as well as in healing trauma and PTSD. I utilize psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, Rapid Trauma Resolution (RTR), and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT).   ~Anne Mayfield

Formerly of Therapeutic Associates, I am a psychotherapist, counselor, and hypnotherapist providing mental health counseling and  hypnotherapy. I am, in addition, an lgbt therapist offering gay couple's counseling.

As a trauma therapist, trauma counselor, and trauma specialist, I provide trauma therapy and post traumatic stress disorder counseling as well as healing from combat ptsd and complex ptsd.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) in Atlanta and Marietta, I specialize in the treatment of sexual compulsivity as well as in love and relationship addiction.    ~ Anne Mayfield

Having studied under Dr. Patrick Carnes ( at IITAP, I treat the following issues:  sexual addiction, pornography addiction, compulsive masturbation, internet porn addiction, and love addiction. I am a member of the National Council on Sex Addiction and Compulsivity (NCSAC) and the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH). I am listed on the Recovery Zone website and utilize the Recovery Start Kit, the Facing the Shadow Workbook, and the Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI). I provide help for the sex addict, for female sex addicts, and for partners of sex addicts, offering sex addiction treatment, sex addiction help, help for porn addiction, and sex addiction counseling for women, all with the goal of sex addiction recovery.

Following are the names of the various 12 step sexual addiction meeting lists: COMPREHENSIVE ATLANTA 12-STEP SEX ADDICTION RECOVERY MEETING LIST, 2018 Sex Addiction Recovery Meeting List, Atlanta 12-step Sex Addiction Meeting List, Atlanta Sex Addiction Support Groups, Atlanta Sex Addiction 12-step Meeting List, and Atlanta 12 step meetings for sex addiction. These lists contain information on the following fellowship meetings:   Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) meetings, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) meetings, Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) meetings, Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA) meetings, COSA meetings (for partners of sex addicts), SANON meetings (for partners of sex addicts), and S-ANON meetings. and are both alternative sources of these lists.